Who We Are?

ceo message

Over the years, the UAE made an excellent progress within their strategic plans for sustainability and environmental awareness. A ministry of climate change and environment was established, and many cooperation were also established that applied latest technical solutions, and followed rules and regulations were set by the ministry. Now it’s mandatory for all governmental and private cooperation required to follow these standards.
With our commitments toward the environment we applied all government rules to our projects (either for government or private sector projects), by using bio-tech methods which creates and sustains environmental and water resources quality. Also without using any chemicals material conservation of water achieved over 80% of the total used water. Using latest technology in these recycling plants allows us to monitor our projects from one station which gives us the best results and practices.
By applying the latest technology of the fourth industrial revolution we can preserving our natural resources and maintaining sustainability of these resources.

Hind Suliman Bin Suliman

Owner & CEO of HS Binsuliman


At HS BINSULAIMAN General Trading, we believe that actions speak louder than words. Started from the vision of HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum , Ruler of Dubai through the vision of the future and importance of water and global challenges in finding alternatives of 100% environmental friendly solution.

Want to make a difference to our environment and planet? hsbinsulaiman general trading is here to help! , we specialize in recycling services that helps you become experts at reducing water use. We have a passion to keep our world clean and are here to guide you through all the stages of the recycling process.

Our Vision & Mission

We seek preservation of Natural Recourses by achieving sustainability of natural resources by applying the latest technology of the forth industrial revolution.