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General Operation


The wastewater from washing plants includes numerous particles that deposit easily when adequately tranquilized. Therefore the first phase of the cleaning process consists in a sludge collector dimensioned according to the provisions of the applicable standards.

Due to the tranquilization all possibly introduced light liquids mount to the water surface. When leaving the sludge collector approximately one third of the impurities of the wastewater have already been separated. The wastewater then contains only the dissolved or half dissolved ingredients and the turbid wastewater reaches the aeration tank free of sinking constituents

Biological purification

An adequate aeration encourages the growth of numerous aerobic microorganisms, which, due to their metabolism, eliminate or transform dissolved ingredients of the wastewater. These microorganisms deposit on the sides of the sludge collecting system and/or are spread in liquidity in the entire system. Such a biology is extremely adaptable and reacts automatically to changes of the quantity of wastewater and of the ingredients.


Due to the aeration and the circulation within the container the waste load is thoroughly mingled and is contaminated with microorganisms thus guaranteeing a high rate of degradation. After the oxidation process the decomposition products consist especially in sludge flocks, carbon dioxide and water. If biologically cleaned there will be no further waste products from wastewater.

Centripetal solid separator

By means of a suction pump the pre-cleaned water is pumped from the aeration tank for a further cleaning into the water part of the pressure-free sand filter, that is designed as a centripetal separator.

Due to special guiding plates in the centripetal separator the water is submitted to a gyratory movement. The discharge of the water takes place on the surface in the centre of the separator thus provoking an ascentional flow in the centre and at the same time a return of bio-flocks and suspended matters contained in the water into the sludge collector.

The sludge collector is simultaneously aerated by means of oxygenated water which does not have any negative effects on the desired sedimentation.

Gravitational deep-bed filtering

After the solid separation the necessary washing water is purified in the gravity sand filter. Due to the static pressure of the water column in the filter, water is unloaded through the filter medium by gravity. Micro-particles are reliably retained by laminar flow velocity within the filter and by the translaminar effect of the filter.

The filter is regularly rinsed automatically by compressed air and by water. The scoured waste load is evacuated into the sludge collector.

The filtered water is collected in a pure water tank and is then supplied to the washing plant.

The pure water tank is equipped with a fresh water supply with level control for emergency operation and change-over to fresh water supply in the event of salinization of the process water.

The high degree of oxygen in the water of the entire system prevents effectively any anaerobic processes and simultaneously the production of disagreeable smells of the process water.

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